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It should go without saying that a regular eye exam is important, and goes beyond getting a new prescription for glasses as it can reveal much more than your eye health such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many more health concerns you may not even be aware of. Why not make it one of your annual health checks?

Eye Test Glasses
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A basic vision and health check for children and adults eligible for NHS services, usually every two years.
An upgrade is available for those wishing to have our more advanced Digital Eye Health Examination.


Our best exam includes hospital-grade OCT macula scans which can detect serious eye conditions around 5 years earlier than with traditional testing methods. Recommended if you have eye health concerns, are over 25 or simply want the best for your eyes. The cost is £70 or £46.47 if you are eligible for NHS sight tests.


New contact lens trials and annual checkups for existing wearers.
Soft or gas permeable, we supply all the well-known brands.
We are also accredited to supply
Mi-Sight contact lenses, clinically proven to slow down shortsightedness in children. Appointments from £65.

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